Stanley’s New stuff this winter/15 -dec/jan

Lots of new things & people happening this winter.


New equipment never ceases to amaze us. We just received our brand-new Zonare TE7 ultrasound this month. Touch -screen, 2 probes and it probably does a fine cappuccino. Since TE7_31998 we have gone through 5 ultrasounds!! The first ultrasound weighed 498lbs and listed new for $250,000.00 in 1994,-we bought it off of VGH for considerable less in 1998.

Delivering oxygen and anesthetic gases through a tracheal tube is difficult enough with cats and dogs. Now try putting a tube in a rabbit/guinea pig. We found it next to impossible – so we endoscopepurchased a rigid fibre-optic scope to see the small airways in our size challenged patients.


Lastly we got a call from a New Zealand animal nurse-newly arrived to Vancouver, just when Mieke was heading off on maternity. Talk about timing and karma and horseshoes where the sun don’t shine. I suspect the accent will give her away – welcome Camille to Canada!!( & ambleside vet).


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