Stanley has a SECRET!


Hi guys!


It’s me, Stan the man again, and I have a secret.


I.  Have.  CRYSTALS!  *gasp*



Look at my pretty sparkly bits!


They did the unthinkable – flipped me upside down into a trough and put some goop on my belly.  HOW RUDE!  They were apparently just using me as a sample to show ultrasound technique, but the ultrasound showed some pretty floating specks in my bladder.  I think I heard the boss man use the term “snowglobe”?  It sounds pretty, but apparently it’s not a good thing.  They tell me it’s common in overweight cats (RUDE AGAIN!), but eminently curable.  But they keep making me eat some sort of delicious soup.


The thing about crystals, is that they can get worse.  They gave me a whole description about the crystals turning into stones which can get stuck and block everything up.  It sounds unpleasant… I’m cool with avoiding that if possible.  If I get blocked, I have to go under anesthetic to be fixed, and then I have to miss breakfast.  NOT COOL.


So for now, I get to eat a delicious soup (I think it’s a special canned food – Metabolic + Urinary – mixed with some extra water) and have them embarrass me again in 3-4 weeks.  I’ll keep you updated.


Hiding now for a while... until dinnertime.

Hiding now for a while… until dinnertime.


Stan out.

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