Stanley is GENEROUS!

Hi everybody!  Stan the Man here!



Gosh darn it I am beautiful! Look at how fluffy!

I’ve got some great news!  I’m officially helping sell stuff!


As many of you know, I’ve been on a diet lately… always.  They say I get fat.  I don’t know, fat sounds awesome.  Anyway, I get hungry.  Sometimes I sneak around when no ones looking and open a few bags.  Maybe it’s mine.  Maybe it was supposed to be someone else’s.  I think all of it’s mine, really.  But I’m helping you guys out because now they are selling it to you for a discount!  25% to be exact!  I have a couple of shelves in the food display, under the treats (also awesome stuff, by the way).  It’s ugly and taped up, but the food’s good and fresh, and cheaper!  I’ll keep you guys updated, but you should pop by on a regular basis and check out my sale shelves.  It’s all for you my wonderful admirers!



They gave me a nice sign and everything!  I’ve got them trained so well!


As a side note, I’ll put photos of my new additions up on my Instagram, so if you want to keep updated with sale items (and my hilarious antics and beautiful face), head on over to my Instagram page and follow me!  @stanleythemanlycat


I am out for today.  Crows to chirp at and treats to steal.  Busy day in the life…


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