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A Cat Owner’s Guide to Feline Arthritis

While most of us are familiar with arthritis in people and dogs, who both commonly suffer from this degenerative joint disease as they age, cat owners tend not to realize that arthritis occurs in their pets, too. Dogs and cats can develop arthritis, but cats hide their pain well and show only subtle changes, so [...]

FAQs About Dog Limping

Dogs can limp for numerous reasons, some more serious than others, and owners get upset when they see their dog limping and painful. If your dog is favoring a limb, our Ambleside Animal Hospital team wants to help ensure they receive the care they need. Here are our answers to frequently asked questions about dog [...]

Do’s and Don’ts to Protect Your Pet from the Cold

Winter is here, and pet owners need to be aware of the dangers of exposure to chilly temperatures for their pets that include various health problems, and sometimes death. Ensure your pets stay warm this winter, and avoid hypothermia and an unplanned emergency visit to Ambleside Animal Hospital with our cold weather pet safety do’s [...]

7 Tips to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Pet

The holidays are a time to spend with your family, including four-legged family members, but they are always hectic. Including your pet in the festivities can make the season more special and enjoyable, so our Ambleside Animal Hospital team is helping with tips on how you can celebrate the holidays with your pet.  #1: Include [...]

The Big C: Does Your Pet Have Cancer?

According to the National Cancer Institute, every year, approximately 6 million new cancer diagnoses are made in dogs and a similar number in cats. With such a large population of pets being diagnosed with cancer, pet owners should be aware of cancer’s warning signs. Learn how to spot potential cancer in your dog or cat, [...]

Hair Loss in Pets

The medical term for hair loss in pets is alopecia, which can result from numerous concerning conditions. Our Ambleside Animal Hospital team wants to help by providing information about alopecia, in case your pet is affected. Pet alopecia causes Numerous conditions can cause alopecia, which is often unattractive in pets. Some potential causes include: Ectoparasites [...]

Indoor Cat Owner’s Guide to Feline Bliss

Indoor cats live longer, healthier lives, protected from the many outdoor dangers. Cats can be totally happy living indoors, so long as their environment supports their instincts and keeps them engaged. Expand your cat’s indoor world by setting up intentional spaces in your home that meet their mental and physical needs. Use the Ambleside Animal [...]

Recognizing that Your Pet has Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common conditions in older pets, and affects their joints and causes extreme pain, the same way arthritis often affects people. Our team at Ambleside Animal Hospital answers common questions about arthritis in pets, so you can identify the signs and get veterinary support to improve your pet’s comfort and [...]

4 Diseases You Can Catch From Your Pet

Pets are a valuable addition to their owner’s life and provide numerous health benefits, but they can also transmit certain diseases. Our team at Ambleside Animal Hospital wants to provide information about diseases you can catch from your pet to help ensure you and your family remain healthy. You can catch rabies from your pet [...]

5 Secrets to Road Trip Success with Pets

Your pet is a family member, so why would you leave them at home with a pet sitter or in a boarding facility while you go on a road trip? Let your pet know there’s a car seat or plane seat for them this year, with these five pet-travel secrets from Ambleside Animal Hospital. #1: [...]

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