The ABCs of Medicating Your Pet

Do you dread giving your pet their medication? Is your pet expert at spitting out pills? Successfully medicating your pet is key to their health and happiness, despite your pet begging to differ. Read on to learn the “pet medication ABCs” from Ambleside Animal Hospital, and you’ll soon have the most challenging pets eating from [...]

Pet Oxygen Masks—Saving Pets’ Lives Across Vancouver

Our team at Ambleside Animal Hospital rallied our staff and clients to donate pet oxygen masks to every firehouse from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay, ensuring that every firetruck in North and West Vancouver has a supply. During a fire, pets instinctively find a place to hide, raising their risk for smoke inhalation while precious [...]

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus — 8 Facts Dog Owners Need to Know

Gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), more commonly known as bloat, is a serious disease that affects dogs and can be fatal if not addressed promptly by a veterinary professional. Our team at Ambleside Animal Hospital wants to help safeguard your pet by providing information concerning this critical issue. Fact #1: Bloat occurs when your dog’s stomach [...]

10 Odd Dog Behaviors Explained

More than 10,000 years ago, your dog’s wild ancestors began their path toward domestication. Many dog behaviors are deeply rooted in their DNA, but some can be suggestive of stress and illness. The Ambleside Animal Hospital team explains 10 behaviors your canine companion may exhibit. #1: Why do dogs eat poop? Dogs evolved as scavengers, [...]

How to Administer First Aid to Your Pet

The Ambleside Animal Hospital team is here for your pet’s health care needs, but at-home first aid can be crucial in an emergency. As a pet owner, knowing basic first aid skills can help decrease your panic and increase confidence—which your pet needs if things go awry.  What should be in my pet’s first aid [...]

Summer Road Trips with your Pets VOLUME 2

Head out onto the road with your dog this summer! Being sure of everyone’s safety and security along the way is critical, as is having fun! Welcome back!  This week is time for the second installment of traveling with your pets: ON THE ROAD!  Are you excited?  I'm getting excited remembering the trip.  Where are [...]

Summer Road Trips with your Pets VOLUME 1

Hello world!  Stanley has very graciously given me the reins of his blog for a few weeks to chat about taking trips with your pets in the summer!  This first part is about PRE-TRIP PLANNING.  For the purposes of this series, I'm going to assume pet = dog, but if you have a road tripping [...]

Why Did You Do That? Part 3

Hi all!  It’s time for Part 3 (of 4!) of “Why did you do that?”  This edition, the dreaded SEDATION. But first… because look at that adorable guy.  Don’t you just want to give him a snack? Moving on. One of my vets has recommended to you that we sedate your pet at the next [...]

Why did you do that? Part 2

I'm back again!  (I know, I know.  You missed me right?)  Here I am being all majestic.  Because that's how I roll. Now onto business.  Scenario 2: You drop your pet off for one procedure or another (maybe Fluffy is getting a dental cleaning, maybe Stanley is having an abdominal ultrasound, maybe your adorable puppy [...]

Why did you do that?

Welcome back! I thought is would be fun to do a series of blog posts entitled "Why did you do that?", meaning we sit down, have a nice relaxing catnip, and have a chat about why we do some of what we do here in the hospital. Today is the inaugural post:  Why did you [...]

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