Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect in an appointment?

We schedule 30 minute appointments with a doctor. In this appointment, your companion will get a full head-to-tail examination. The veterinarian will also go over any past history with you and discuss any recommended treatment plans.

Should I bring anything to my appointment?

All we need to see at your appointment is yourself and your pet. Any previous history, if we haven't already obtained it from your previous veterinarian, would also be helpful. Please make sure there is an adult with the pet that is familiar with the reason they have been brought to the clinic - it is as difficult to get answers out of someone who hasn't seen the pet in a week, as it is to get them directly from the pet!

How often should my pets be vaccinated?

Most of the vaccines we use are on a 3 year cycle (with the exception of a couple of vaccines). The puppy and kitten series requires multiple boosters on a specific schedule recommended by the manufacturer. Once they have gotten through the first few years, the vaccines are thereafter good for 3 years (notable exceptions are Canine Kennel Cough, and Feline Leukemia, which are given annually throughout the life of your pet).

When do you do surgery?

We perform surgery every weekday, Monday to Friday. We can perform both surgeries and dental procedures on any of those days, though we can currently only perform laparoscopic surgery on Fridays. Click here to learn more about laparoscopic surgery.

Do you board animals at your facility?

Unfortunately, we are not able to board animals. With no one here for 12 hours of the day, we don't feel that we are able to provide adequate care for animals overnight. If your pet has just had surgery and you would like them to have specialized 24 hour care, we would be more than happy to refer them overnight to one of the specialty hospitals in Vancouver.

How do I get to you? Where can I park?

We are conveniently located on the north side of Marine Drive, in West Vancouver. We are in the middle of the block between 14th and 15th St. We have a Google listing, so you can put our name into Google maps and be directed here. Parking on Marine Drive can sometimes be limited. There is a parking lot beside us which can be accessed from Clyde Avenue. From there, it is a short walk around to our front door. For your convenience, we have allocated the spots along our own wall as 30-minute spots in an attempt to reserve them for our clients.

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