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In-House Laboratory

Blood work is a very important diagnostic tool that provides a significant amount of information about your pet’s health. A biochemical profile is a blood test that assesses the function of internal organs, measures the electrolytes such as blood potassium, and identifies the levels of circulating enzymes. Understanding the biochemical profile can be difficult but reveals a wealth of information. A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to measure and evaluate cells that circulate in the blood. The test includes an actual counting of red and white blood cells as well as an analysis of cells viewed on a blood smear. A CBC may be useful as a screening test for underlying infection, anemia and illness.

We use the IDEXX Catalyst and Procyte blood analyzers in-house, and can have results for your pet in as little as 30 minutes if necessary. This means we can not only treat your pet in-hospital same day, but we can, and do, run bloodwork on the morning of your pet's surgery as a pre-anesthetic screen. This can ensure your pet is a safe anesthetic candidate.
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A urinalysis is indicated for evaluating pets with urinary abnormalities such as increased urine production, increased urinary frequency, straining to urinate, bloody urine or abnormal color to the urine. This test can also be helpful in cases of unexplained fever, loss of appetite or weight loss. A urinalysis is often done when indicated by the results of an X-ray, results of blood tests indicating a problem with the urinary system or as a follow up to physical examination when abnormalities are detected.

Any evaluation for health or illness should include a urinalysis. Urinalysis results can give an idea of hydration and kidney function; it can also indicate inflammation or infections in the urinary tract.
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Fecal Examination

A fecal examination is the microscopic evaluation of feces. The test is indicated for pets with diarrhea, straining, lack of appetite or vomiting. Annual fecal examinations are recommended on all animals as part of a yearly health exam. Fecal examinations are also recommended on all puppies and kittens. They are primarily performed to detect microscopic gastrointestinal parasites, such as roundworms, Giardia, or tapeworms.
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Digital Radiography

One of our favorite pieces of equipment is our IDEXX digital X-ray. Our on-site, modern, digital X-ray equipment provides high quality radiographs to aid in the quick diagnosis of many disorders. We have just upgraded to the fastest, high speed, low dose, direct digital X-ray camera available. It allows us to take radiographs quickly and efficiently - sometimes taking up to 12 images on a patient in 15 minutes. The digital files also allow us to manipulate certain setting like contrast and zoom, allowing for better, more accurate diagnoses.

When a pet is being radiographed, an X-ray beam passes through its body and hits a sensor similar to a digital camera - only instead of 1/2 inch across our xray sensor is 17 inches across. Images on the computer appear as various shades of gray and reflect the anatomy of the animal. Interpretation of radiographs requires great skill on the part of the veterinarian. For complex cases, we also regularly refer interpretation of our x-rays to a certified radiologist.

All of our patients are sedated for their x-rays. This way, we are able to take fewer images quicker, and our technician is able to position the patient and leave the room before taking the x-ray. This exposes both our technician and your pet to less radiation, and allows us to get the x-rays performed quickly, leading to less time on the table and less stress for your pet.
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We also offer ultrasound services - both performed by our own doctors, and by a certified ultrasonographer. In house, we use a mobile machine to assess basic function and look extensively at the urinary system most often we use it to assess bladders and to perform ultrasound guided urine collection.

When more complex cases arrive on our doorstep, we call in a mobile specialist. Dr. Janet Nieckarz is a board certified radiologist who comes to our hospital to perform outpatient ultrasounds every other Wednesday. Her services allow us to get your pet the care they need, in the comfort of a familiar environment. We are able to get full reports within 24 hours and proceed with treatments immediately.
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