Our Team

It is the people we have worked so hard to attract, that created this wonderful group of caring and talented professionals. 

Let us paint you a picture: think superhero/rocket scientist hybrids with the biggest most compassionate hearts on earth - that will give you an idea of this amazing group of people. When we combine the diverse skills of our vets with our technology, caring nursing staff and hard working administrators- the focus becomes your pets healing.



Dr. Booth has owned Ambleside Animal Hospital since 1996 and loves practicing veterinary medicine on the North Shore.  He feels so fortunate to be able to work with our great team everyday - as he should! We are awesome! He spends most of his days off with his wife, three lovely children, 3 dogs and their cat Friskie. He loves Biking - especially the ‘Gran Fondo’ (Whistler AND Penticton!).You will find Dr Booth and his wife hiking the North Shore every morning with their dogs Wolfie, Satchel & Ghetti - no autographs or pictures please!



The wonderful Dr. Wilkie graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College, with honours, in 1992.  Her decision to study veterinary medicine came easily, as her father was also a vet. She has been at Ambleside Animal Hospital since 2001. She has a passion for surgery, and has been opening up a more diverse scope of medicine to our patients for many years - she is also a licensed veterinary acupuncturist, licensed veterinary chiropractor, and most recently, she became a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist. She enjoys spending the weekends with her husband, Pete, exploring the great outdoors (especially surfing in Tofino!). Sometimes her cat, Bobbie, joins them on riverside walks in Squamish, where they live.



The magnificant Dr. Niegos graduated from the University of the Philippines in 1998. She received her Canadian certification in 2009 and worked in a mixed equine and small animal practice in Ontario for a couple of years before making the decision to move back to Vancouver. She has been practicing at Ambleside Animal Hospital since 2011, and has become a regular and valued member of our team. Her amazing surgical and dental skills make her sought after by the other veterinarians at Ambleside. She has two cats - shy Timmy, the (very) outgoing Poppy, and most recently has added Brody - the hilariously svelt Dachshund to her clan. Dr. Niegos also loves to travel whenever she gets a chance.



The spectacular Dr. Anne Irwin was born in Vancouver and has lived on the North Shore since 2007. She graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine with great distinction in 1992, and completed a Clinical Internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at the University of Minnesota. In 1993, she moved home and became part owner of North Burnaby Pet Hospital before taking a permanent position here at Ambleside. When not working, you can find Dr. Irwin on the trails of the North Shore with her husband Mike and goofy dog Wade or attending sporting events with her two sons Matthew and Kevin. We also can't forget her handsome cat Tompkins!



The talented Dr. Liz Sang was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Prior to working as a vet, she gained a PhD in Molecular Biology and worked in research at Oxford University. After graduating with her veterinary degree from Bristol University in 2009 she worked in small animal practice (dogs, cats and exotics) in Bristol and Newcastle in the UK before making the decision to move to Vancouver in 2013. Her free time is spent with her husband and daughter. She enjoys running and skiing and feels very privileged to live and work on the beautiful North Shore. Well Liz, we feel priveleged to have you here and think you are nothing short of FANDABIDOZI!

DR. CATHY EL-HINN     恆醫師 提供華語服務             


The passionate Dr. Cathy El-Hinn was born in Taipei, Taiwan.  She graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine with a special interest in dentistry, surgery, and animal behaviour - she has been a wonderful addition to the Ambleside Animal Hospital team since 2018.  Prior to obtaining her DVM, she received a Bachelor's degree in Applied Animal Biology from UBC.  During the final year of vet school, she completed an externship at a behaviour clinic down in Washington.  Growing up in Taiwan, Cathy is fluent in English and Mandarin, and offers consults in both languages.  Her ultimate goal as a veterinarian is to give back to the community and educate the public about animal welfare.  When not at work, Cathy enjoys hiking, photography, and traveling.

恆醫師(英文名: Cathy) 出生於台灣的台北市。她從薩省(Saskatchewan)薩斯卡通(Saskatoon)的西部獸醫學院(Western College of Veterinary Medicine)畢業,目前是安布賽德(Ambleside)團隊的最新成員。她對牙科、手術跟動物行為特別感興趣。在進入西部獸醫學院攻讀前,恆醫師在英屬哥倫比亞大學(UBC)就讀大學時拿到應用動物生物系(Applied Animal Biology)的榮譽學位畢業。另外她在獸醫學院最後一年期間在華盛頓的一個動物行為診所實習。

由於恆醫師出生於台灣,她精通中文跟英文 - 可以用兩種語言來看診。 她對於自己成為獸醫師最大的期許是 - 能回饋社會、能教育大眾對動物有更正確的認識,更進一步的努力為動物營造更好的環境跟爭取更多的福利。在工作閒暇之餘,恆醫師喜歡烹飪、健行、攝影跟旅行,透過各式各樣的興趣來豐富她的心靈與生活。



The fantastic Dr. Jay Bridges was raised on a farm in Northern BC with his cat Grub! He went to university in Ottawa, then UBC where he completed his BSc in Agriculture. He went on to Vet school in Saskatoon, graduating in 1995. He returned to Vancouver to practice. Jay joined the Ambleside Animal Hospital team in 2016. Although a friend to all creatures great and small, he adores cats, and has made them his special area of interest. While not working, he can be found on his mountain bike, on a golf course swinging a club, fishing or hanging out with his two cats Fat Tony and Ariel!



Even though she is a self proclaimed 'dog-person' her only pet is a super fancy and sassy cat named Karen from HR.  She is new to Vancouver, but not to Veterinary medicine. While being trained in Ireland she decided that even though she loved cows, her passion for emergency medicine, minimally invasive surgery, and rehab work meant that a career in small animals was in her future. For her first year in practice she attended a fancy emergency and critical care internship in the states. After mastering saving lives and being an overall Queen, she decided to take her 'special set of skills'  to the most dangerous place on earth - Australia. It was the only place in the world that she was going to be able to save a dog that had been bitten by a venomous snake after getting heat stroke and also had a cheeky sneaky surprise deadly tick attached to it that the owner hadn't found yet. Ahh Australia!  After a few years of fun in the sun, the snow and her nagging mother were calling her home. While working in swanky downtown Toronto, she mastered minimally invasive surgery, and very high end general practice. But something was missing, and that something was 50 cm of fresh powder. Now happy and thriving in BC, she is very excited to meet your fancy and complicated cats, as well as your energetic powder hounds. 



Dr Gabrielle Lunter was born and raised on the North Shore. She received her veterinary degree from The University of Edinburgh and is currently living in Squamish. She works in small animal general practice, and has a special interest in the dermatology and internal medicine cases. In her free time she enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and spending time with her two dogs Charlie, Dustin, and cat Oakley.




Office Manager

Tessa has been working at Ambleside Animal Hospital since April of 2010, but has been working in the Vet industry for over 20 years! She worked at an animal hospital in Vancouver for 5 years before taking 5 years off to raise her twin boys. Now that her boys are all grown up, Tessa promises to be an Ambleside lifer!! At home she has a cat named Buddy and two small dogs named Pippi, and Friday - who we think might be part Turkey! On the weekends she enjoys spending time with her family, biking, snowboarding, and hiking.



Head Veterinary Technician

Meaghan has been working with us at Ambleside Animal Hospital since March 2016.  She Graduated at the top of her class at the Douglas College Registered Veterinary Technician program in 2010. During her schooling and after graduation, Meaghan worked along side Dr. Anne Irwin at North Burnaby Pet Hospital for nearly 8 years. Clearly she couldn't bare to be apart from Anne as she followed her here to Ambleside Animal Hospital where they were happily reunited in 2016. Meaghan has two beautiful sons, who are straight-up hooligans and keep her on her toes. She enjoys spending her free time reading, spending time with family and friends, and hanging out at home or at any lake with her husband and boys.





Veterinary Technician

Asia joined the team here at Ambleside Animal Hospital in March of 2018.  She recently decided to make the move to the North Shore from Ottawa, having worked as a technician there before the move.  She graduated as a Registered Veterinary Technician from Algonquin College in 2016.  At home, she has two dogs named Winston and Maloney, whom she likes to get out into nature with as often as possible.  She also enjoys photography, painting, and yoga in her off time.



Veterinary Technician 

Bec joins us from the land down under (Melbourne, Australia). After graduating with a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology, she decided to make the move to Vancouver in 2019, where she worked in an emergency veterinary hospital before joining the Ambleside team in October 2020.  Bec's passion for working with animals has taken her around the world, where she has worked with a range of wildlife, including lions and pandas! When Bec isn't working, she is hiking the local mountains or travelling the world.



Veterinary Technician

Zuzana moved to Canada a couple of years ago from Europe, where she graduated from a Veterinary University. After working as a vet for a few years in a small animal general practice, she decided that she needed adventure in her life, packed some warm clothes and hopped on the first flight across the globe and landed in this beautiful country.  Zuzana loves working with both dogs and cats and is dedicated to providing the best care for your pets. She has also always been passionate about wildlife - she actively volunteers for the Vancouver Aquarium at the moment and after she completes all the requirements in becoming a veterinary doctor in Canada, she would also like to focus on marine mammals and their conservation. 
Besides studying for her tests, Zuzana enjoys traveling and any kind of outdoor activity like hiking, running, rock climbing, skiing or bird watching. She is also a passionate swimmer. The most she misses from home, are her furry cats that her family is currently taking care of. 



Veterinary Technician

Camille moved to Canada from Wanaka, New Zealand and joined our team in 2015! She graduated from the veterinary nursing program in New Zealand and decided to bring her skills to West Vancouver! While here she met and fell in love with an orphaned kitten we had been treating, took him home and named him Wally. Camille is currently in school to become a registered massage therapist - and we are all very excited to get free massages at work when she is finished!



Veterinary Technician

Jilly is from Ireland. She joined our team  in October 2020 after graduating from University College Dublin with a degree in Veterinary Nursing. Her previous experience includes 2 years at an animal hospital in her hometown, where she gained skills in surgical nursing, anesthesia and inpatient care. In her spare time you can find her skiing on local mountains, walking along the sea wall or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. She is delighted to have joined our team and is looking forward to discovering everything Vancouver has to offer! Jilly has 3 little dogs at home in Ireland who live with her family. She misses them very much, so she steals hugs from your pets at any opportunity.



Veterinary Technician

Jadine recently joined the team here at Ambleside. Originally from Ireland, she decided to make the big move to BC after graduating from University College Dublin last year with a BSc degree in Veterinary Nursing. When she's not working and helping to take care of your fur kids, Jadine enjoys hiking, snowboarding and binging a good Netflix series



Veterinary Technician

Shae grew up on a farm in rural Ontario with her many animals including a pig, 3 horses, and 2 dogs. With her strong love of animals, Shae knew she would pursue a career in veterinary medicine. In 2019, Shae graduated from Seneca College in Ontario with a veterinary technician diploma. To start her career, Shae moved out to BC in April of 2019 and moved to the Sunshine Coast. She has since moved to Mission with her 2 cats Tammy and Verlander and is making the switch into large animal medicine. Even though she lives far away you can still find her here on most weekends!



Veterinary Technician Student

Amy is in the midst of completing her last semester of the Veterinary Technology program at Douglas College. She looks forward to working full time with the team at Ambleside. She completed her first year practicum with us and has been working part time while in school. Amy is very passionate about travelling, she has been to parts of Europe, Southeast Asia, the US and Hawaii. Once we are able to travel again she hopes to travel to Japan, Vietnam, India and Argentina. A fun fact about Amy is her love of animals doesn't stop at the typical domestic pets, at home she has 3 rabbits, 2 leopard geckos and 2 blue tongued skinks. 




Veterinary Assistant

Noelle is originally from Ontario, but decided to make the move to BC in 2014. It was then that she decided to change career paths, and completed the Veterinary Assistant program at CDI College in April 2016. She joined us here at Ambleside shortly thereafter and has been a valued member of the team ever since. Noelle doesn’t have any pets of her own, but thoroughly enjoys helping out and taking care of your furkids all day long. Our staff pets know her as the "treat lady" and are always following her around. She also enjoys cooking/preparing yummy snacks for the team. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends and walks in the parks & trails.



Veterinary Assistant

Amanda has worked at Ambleside intermittently for a number of years but rejoined us full-time in August 2017. Amanda has worked in the veterinary industry for over 14 years and has a BSc in general Biology. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys being outdoors, cooking, and relaxing with her two cats, Chanel & Stella.



Veterinary Assistant 

Madison recently moved back to Vancouver after living in Victoria, BC. She did a a few years at SFU in Criminology before deciding it wasn't for her. Switching gears, she graduated from VCC with a diploma in Veterinary Health Care and has been working as an assistant since June 2019. She is currently enrolled in the Penn Foster Vet Tech program and hopes to graduate by 2022! Madison has a 2 year old Border Collie mix named Rookie who has brought nothing but joy and craziness into her life. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, cycling, skiing and basically anything outdoors - all with Rookie by her side!



Veterinary Office Assistant

Vicky has been a valued member of the Ambleside Animal Hospital team since 2018.  She moved to Manitoba, Canada from Northern China in 2013 where she completed her degree in Economics. Vicky is fluent in both English and Mandarin, you can often find her working along side Dr. El Hinn caring for our Mandarin speaking Clients and Patients. On her days off, Vicky enjoys spending time at home with her husband, adorable 18 month old son Ian and dog Flash! 



Veterinary Office Assistant

Sarah joined us here at Ambleside in August of 2017, after making a career shift from the dog grooming and day care industry into the veterinary industry. Originally from Vancouver, she now hails from Squamish, and spends her free time either enjoying the great outdoors, or becoming more acquainted with Netflix. She has lovely cat at home named Romeo, and a dog named Clyde that can often be seen around the clinic.



Veterinary Office Assistant 

Michele grew up in Squamish with a house always full of pets. Now living on the North Shore,  she joined our wonderful team in 2017. Michele enjoys hikes with her dogs Chloe and Barkley, and cudding with her cat Luna at home. Her fiance Darren is pretty great too, but he takes a back seat when it comes to her pets, sorry Darren! She has always had a passion for animals and strives to make every patient happy and comfortable in our care!



Veterinary Office Assistant 

Saige has been with us since December 2019. While working here, she has been working towards her Bachelor's degree in Social Work with a special interest in advocating for the BIPOC community. She has thoroughly enjoyed learning and exploring animal medicine, she even ended up with a cat of her own, Mossy. On her days off Saige can be found camping, talking to her plants, and sharing laughs with friends!



Veterinary Office Assistant

Kaila joined our team here at Ambleside Animal Hospital in 2020. She has recently completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at UVIC. She loves working with people and hopes to find herself in human resource management in the future. She has SO much love for animals and finds work at Ambleside very rewarding. On the weekends, you can find Kaila running with her Golden Retriever, Winnie, skiing the local slopes and enjoying time with her friends and family.



Veterinary Assistant

Jen has the pleasure of being our second longest running employee (though not consistently).  She originally joined us here in 2006 and was our office manager for years before leaving us temporarily to spend some time growing her family.  She is now back with us, and occasionally brings her adorable new puppy Gord, and kitten Mabel with her!  At home she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, not to mention wrangling a puppy and a kitten, in addition to her older dog Benson.



Client/Patient Services Staff Trainer

Zoe joined our team here at Ambleside Animal Hospital in August of 2015. She graduated from her Veterinary Office Assistant program in 2006, and has spent her veterinary career working at a number of practices, including emergency and specialty hospitals. She can still be found working occasionally at a variety of hospitals, and likes to spend her free time out hiking with her husband Ben, and friends, or brewing her own beer.



Veterinary Office Assistant

Charlie has been working with us here since May of 2019.  She comes to us with a background in Accounting (she is also in school to become a Chartered Accountant while working here full time!), but has managed to fit herself right in with the team.  When she isn't working, she is typically studying with the help of her cats Charlie, and Lucy, but also enjoys spending time out with friends.



Veterinary Office Assistant

Dana joined us here at Ambleside in the fall of 2019. Oringinally from Africa, Dana moved to Canada as a child in 2000. She graduated from WCC with a dpiloma in the Veterinary Asistant Program in 2015 and has an unbridled enthusiasm for the health and well-being of all animals. Dana lives in Vancouver with her partner Jike and 2 cats Miko & Luna!  In her free time Dana enjoys reading (Harry Potter over and over), travelling and hopes to one day marry Daniel Radcliffe!



Veterinary Office Assistant 

Olivia joined our team in November of 2020. She recently graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor's degree in Biology - concentrating in Neurobiology. She enjoys spending her weekends hiking with her puppy Finnbar, eating good food, and watching documentaries on Netflix. Olivia has been thoroughly enjoying meeting and working with all the lovely pets here at Ambleside Animal Hospital and is keen to meet more!



Veterinary Office Assistant

Veronika joined the team at Ambleside in June of 2020. She has been in love with nature and animals her whole life. In 2019, she spent 4 months working as a horseback tour guide in Chile but it was her passion for mountain biking and back country skiing that dragged her to the North Shore in 2019. Since she has started working at Ambleside, her life consists of pure blessings: cuddling puppies during work hours and digging with her nose in the mud on the North Shore bike trails in her leisure time. For those who wish to witness an eerie spectacle first thing in the morning - she can be seen biking to work with a front light on her second-hand, decrepit road bike Apollo!



Veterinary Office Assistant

Queenie has been working at Ambleside Animal Hospital since January of 2021. She completed her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Geography degree at UBC in 2019. Growing up in Hong Kong, Queenie is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. She is planning to pursue a career as a Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician in the future. Back home in Honk Kong, she has two poodles named BeanBean and Creamy. She enjoys exploring Canada with her friends, snowboarding, hiking and every other kind of sport in her off time!



Veterinary Office Assistant

Lindsay started working at Ambleside Animal Hospital in the summer of 2014. In December, 2019 Lindsay welcomed her second child, a daughter, Reia. After a year on maternity leave and being stuck at home with two kids, she was more than ready and happy to return to Ambleside full-time in December 2020! When Lindsay is not at work, she enjoys time with her family including her evil cat Chill, son Forest Jedi, daughter Reia Jade and partner Tadd. She loves to go for hikes, walks, bike rides and camping - but these days she really appreciates a good nights sleep and binge watching a good show - uninterrupted - both activities are about as possible as marrying a Unicorn at this point, but one can dream!


Veterinary Office Assistant 


Katie was a valued member of our team here at Ambleside many years ago, before she spent some time seeing other parts of Canada.  She spent 8 months in Toronto and another 3 years in Calgary working in wildlife rehab and working at the Calgary zoo. She loves all things squirrel and bird related. Her fiance, Jason had a job opportunity, which lead them back to the North Shore - and thank goodness for that, because -30 winters were not a fun time!  Katie and Jason own a small petting zoo, which includes 3 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 rabbits. She loves hiking, horseback riding, annoying Jason with her sponatneous bird identification, and is ALWAYS down for a cinnamon bun! Look out for her and her Brussels Griffon, Sprout, around the clinic!



Veterinary Office Assistant

Grayson grew up on the North Shore with a house always full of animals! After spending the last couple of years living in Whistler, she has moved back to continue her work as a very talented tattoo artist as well as work here at Ambleside Animal Hospital. She is deeply passionate about animals, art and athletics. In her time off you can find her out hiking with her dog Tiika, running on trails and, playing beach volleyball in the summertime!




Meet Stanley! Ambleside Animal Hospital's MVP and arguably the most valuable staff member of the Ambleside family. We adopted him from the SPCA in June 2014 after he came in with a broken jaw and fractured teeth. He is very sneaky and just a bit of a clutz but has given us many good laughs so far. His favourite pastimes include breaking into bags of food, curling up for a nice warm nap in fresh laundry and chewing on our patient warming water blankets! Don't let his cute majesticness fool you, he runs this joint!

  • Zoe Capps
    Zoe joined our team here at Ambleside Animal Hospital in August of 2015. She graduated from her Veterinary Office Assistant program in 2006, and has spent her veterinary career working at a number of practices, including emergency and specialty hospitals.
  • Tessa Sucloy
    Office Manager
    Tessa has been working at Ambleside Animal Hospital since April of 2010. Tessa completed the Veterinary Assistant program at Granville Business College in 2000 and worked in clinics for years before joining us in 2010.
  • Janet Munday
    Head Technician
    Janet graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science in 2007 and comes from a background working in exotic animals in Ontario. She decided to make the move to BC back in 2009 and became a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2012.

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