Ambleside Animal Hospital continues to exceed my expectations each and every time I visit. I truly don’t know where I’d be without all that they have done for me.

I take my cats Renly and Lola to see Dr. Booth specifically, and it’s instantly obvious that he is truly passionate about and has a great love for animals. The advice he gives is useful and very easy to follow, and to top it off, he’s absolutely hilarious.

The veterinary assistants are always friendly and very quick to help. In comparison to every other animal hospital I’ve visited, their services are very affordable but do not lack on quality.

Do yourself (and your animals) a favour by visiting this hospital. I promise you there is no better place you could take them, and there is no better Veterinarian in the lower mainland.

Kimberly L. (via google)

As always, Russell received the most prompt, detailed, comprehensive care with a lot of love thrown in. No wonder he always has his tail wagging with excitement whenever we have to go. Our thanks and gratitude go to the whole staff.

Vicki C. and Gerald H. along with Russell and Bungee

We have had 3 of our various rescue dogs pass to the Eternal Fields … all with the assistance of Dr Booth and the Ambleside team …

Taj was the most emotionally raw 1st departure … when we saw the tears in Dr Booths eyes we knew he was the only caregiver we would ever need … Luna and Karma were easier.

Now with two more rescues sharing our home we are dealing with the various issues … teeth, lumps, bumps and the impacts of aging … us more so than the dogs.

At no time have we lost our confidence in the mission of Dr Booth and the staff at Ambleside Hospital.

Best to all Peter and Leslie

I noticed one day that my cat Lola had managed to damage her tail quite significantly. I was lucky enough to have visited Dr. Chris Booth before for a check up with a new kitten, and loved the service I received. It was a no-brainer to bring Lola to see him. Chris tended to Lola and determined that her tail was broken and would require an amputation or it could lead to a fatal infection. Unfortunately, everyone who cares for Lola frequently lives paycheck-to-paycheck and the full cost for the surgery would have been devastating to us.

Chris did his best to find a manageable price for us, and we were able to proceed with the surgery. This proves to me that your clinic genuinely cares about the animals that you treat and not just the money that they bring in for you. I can’t thank you enough for this kindness. Lola then proved to be a bit of a nightmare when it came to her bandages being changed (she needed valium on most occasions to calm her down), and every member of the hospital staff proved to be patient, caring, while also determined!

Lola is now fully healed, and although she’s missing half of her tail, she still fully retains her attitude. I want to extend my sincerest thanks to Chris as well as the full hospital staff for all that you did to ensure Lola became healthy again. Because of this you have gained a life-long customer through me.

Thanks again.

Kimberly L.

Yes, I was very pleased to find Dr. Booth. His new location is convenient and modern.

He and his staff were very professional. Apollo, my little Chihuahua, was very well looked after. He was not the least bit frightened or upset.

Dr. Booth was very thorough in his examination everything from teeth, ears, eyes were looked at – Apollo got an all clear. I am pleased to be a client of the clinic.

Louise R

Every time I have visited Ambleside Animal Hospital, I have felt welcomed and valued. It seems that the care provided is not just about my treasured little dog, but about me as care-giver as well! Wonderful care, efficient and caring service, and totally satisfied outcomes. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Barbara L. G. , MA

I am an extremely happy client of Ambleside Animal Hospital. I have always found the necessary expertise when it has been needed, but above all it is the passion and compassion demonstrated by all members of staff that keeps me coming back. They really care.

Coral W.

We had our cat Toby for almost 18 glorious years. We loved her dearly and she received wonderful care from Dr. Booth and the Ambleside team over the years.

In her advanced years when her health continued to decline, we faced the difficult decision to end her suffering. Dr. Booth ‘held our hands’ through the process, ensuring that Toby’s life ended without pain and that we were by her side.

We stayed with her until her last breath and my husband and I will always be grateful for the tremendous care and compassion demonstrated by Dr Booth and his team that day, and on every other visit before Toby’s passing.

We now have two new additions to the family – Max and Lucy – and our kitties continue to receive excellent care from the ‘Ambleside family’.

Thank you for all you do – much appreciated!

Barb E.

  • "Dr. Anderson is one of the most caring vets we’ve known. Even our 18-year old cat, Oliver, immediately took to her–he articulated his affection very loudly and showed his appreciation by sharing something of a personal nature. Despite all of that, Natasha called him a “good boy.” We love Dr. Anderson!"
  • "I can’t tell you how grateful we are that we have such awesome vets! Your patience, communication, and above-and-beyond care is just incredible, and I know Hammie and Bear are in great hands."
    Jenna W.
  • "Thank you! I’ve used other home vets but you are by far the best."
    Nadine G.

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