For everyone that wants to have a look at their pet’s lab work, or needs a vaccine certificate printed quickly (we know, it happens to us too!), we have a solution for you.

Did you know, through the use of our partner site, Petsites, you can log in to all of your pet’s medical information? You can even upload a picture of them and make it a complete record for yourself to access on the go anywhere your smartphone has service.

If you’ve never logged in before, give us a call or send in an email and we can get you set up with a temporary password.

Through them, you can view any labwork, see any overdue vaccines, remind yourself of upcoming appointments, and even print the all important vaccine certificates. You can also send us a note through the site to renew food, prescriptions, or request an appointment!

If you like the site (and us), please consider filling out the survey as well. We are always trying to improve things around here and we’d love to know if you have any ideas for us!