Hi everybody!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our shiny new website. It has been a labour of love, but we now have a great platform to share all of our favourite things with you.

Some of our new favourite things:

  • Stanley
  • loving on your pets
  • silly staff photos
  • Ambleside events

What do you guys want to see? (aside from a ton of Stanley photos, of course… did you know he has his own instagram page? Visit him here.)

Our most exciting development right now is that we finally have a solid staff of SIX doctors. You read that right. We have grown so much in the last couple of years and we have only you guys to thank for it. Does anyone remember the days when we only had the doctors Booth and Wilkie? Visit our team page to learn more about the rest of our amazing doctors.

Check back here frequently for the latest clinic news. And if you’re lucky, we’ll let the Stan man write a few posts as well.